Collar Material

The collar is made of durable nylon webbing with reflective stitching. Available in 2 sizes for dogs 10 lbs and up.


BravoWalk is rechargeable via Micro-USB and has an average battery life of one week with regular use.

Auto Shut-Off Safety Mechanism

BravoWalk has a fail-safe function that turns off the stimulation in abnormal circumstances (just in case your dog’s collar gets caught on a branch for example).

Tension Activated

BravoWalk provides your chosen mode of correction when excessive tension is placed on the leash. First the collar will beep, then vibrate, and if selected stimulate with TENS.

4 Pup-Approved Modes

  • Blue: Beep and vibrate only
  • Green: Beep, vibrate, and low-level TENS stimulation
  • Yellow: Beep, vibrate, and mid-level TENS stimulation
  • Red: Beep, vibrate, and high-level TENS stimulation

Proprietary No-Pull Dog Walk Training System

Who's walking who? Lack of engagement causes leash pulling and can make walking your dog a difficult chore. BravoWalk provides consistent feedback that reinforces your leash training and makes walks more enjoyable.

Dog Pulling

Tension Activated

When excessive leash tension occurs, BravoWalk beeps, vibrates and if enabled stimulates your dog with TENS. These cues interrupt your distracted dog and redirect his attention back to you.

Dog Pulling

3 Levels of Optional TENS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers electrical impulses resulting in an annoying sensation. Because every dog is different, BravoWalk offers three modes with TENS and one without.

Try it Risk-Free

Experiences shared by our customers range from BravoWalk working in one walk to 1-2 weeks. Our 30-day money back guarantee allows you to try BravoWalk risk free.

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Available in 2 sizes for dogs 10 lbs and up

USB charging cable included

Designed and assembled in the USA

30-Day money back guarantee

The BravoWalk Difference

Faster, Safer Results. Dog Approved.

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Is 'stimulation' just another word for 'shock'?

No. We use a transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) for correction; much different than a static shock. The stimulation shouldn’t be painful, but more of a way to get your dogs attention – like if someone was to tap you on the shoulder.

How is this different than other e-collar on the market?

BravoWalk responds to the dog's leash behavior, not a remote that you have to hold. BravoWalk sits more comfortably on your dog's neck due to our patented retractable electrodes.

Will it really work in one walk?

Experiences shared by customers range from BravoWalk working in one walk to a week to a month.  Our 30-day money back guarantee allows you to try BravoWalk risk free.

Is there a remote/controller?

No. The BravoWalk collar is designed to work without a remote. 

Is it waterproof?

No. The BravoWalk is water resistant (rain splatters are fine), but should not be submerged in water.

Will it work on long haired dogs?

The electrodes are designed to accommodate both short and long haired dogs.  Function depends on position on neck and fit of collar. 

What if my dog gets stuck or caught on something while wearing the collar?

BravoWalk will automatically go into safety mode after a full cycle of feedback which is less than 20 seconds. In safety mode, no feedback will occur. Reset BravoWalk by simply holding down the button to choose operational mode.

How long does the battery last?

When not in use, the BravoWalk can last up to 6 months. When using regularly you should recharge about once a week.

BravoWalk Dog
BravoWalk Dog
BravoWalk No-Pull Training Collar

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