How we started

Josh, our key engineer and founding partner; has four kids, two dogs, and one wonderful wife. Two years ago, going for the daily dog walk was an exhausting and often embarrassing experience.

With kids in all directions, one dog pulling as hard as he could to chase down a squirrel and the second barking at a passing border collie… outings quickly turned into a chaotic but relatable mess. But Josh really enjoys his walks, and so do his dogs. So he went looking for a solution.

Being the boss of an engineering company has its perks. Josh got to work with his talented team to re-engineer the basic dog collar into a safe automatic trainer that effortlessly teaches your pup to heel. While doing research, they found a fellow dog-lover named Al Pacheco had developed a promising prototype 8 years prior after his sister-in-law couldn’t hold onto her big dogs during walks. A partnership was formed and BravoWalk was born anew, adding three intensity settings, a rechargeable port, and a thin but strong standardized collar to the original device.

Now, when Josh goes on family walks, his dogs happily walk alongside him without a single tug on the leash.

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