Gus and Finn, Golden Retrievers

"Today I walked Gus about 4.5 miles and I had (BravoWalk) on green the entire time and I've never had such a good walk with him.  He was right there with me, he did not pull, he looked at me...that's another thing that with the other collars, they do not look at me.  But (Gus) was looking at me and I would say  'good boy'.  We had a really pleasant walk!" 

Guinness the King Charles Spaniel

"I put (BravoWalk) on him for the first time and he pulled and I heard the beep and the beep was enough for him.  He may have triggered the low stim once but that's all it took.  I've used it on him maybe once a week just as a kind of reminder but it's not something he needs to wear everyday.  It was like a light bulb went off and he thought 'Oh I'm supposed to stay here'!"

Layla & sister, Black Lab mix

"I can actually enjoy walking them..but more importantly for safety reasons, for my wife, she has fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in both her knees....For safety reasons we rely on BravoWalk.  It has helped us!"

Apollo the Terrier mix

"Apollo has been a difficult walking companion for a while.  He pulls on his leash and he is quite strong.  It made walking with him difficult.  I didn't want to try BravoWalk because I was afraid the electrical stimulation would hurt him... But to my surprise, BravoWalk worked perfectly,  giving him just enough indication not to pull so now when I walk with him he is a much better walking companion".  

Rumi the Puggle 

"This is something we've been seaching for and it is going to make such an amazing difference in our walking and make life more comfortable"