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Training Leash

Training Leash

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Designed to give you greater control over your dog due to its shorter length

1” (width)X 5 ft (length) nylon webbing, reflective stitching and black metal clip

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Customer Reviews

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Dog Lover
This collar is a miracle!

My family has struggled with walking one of our bird dogs. She would sniff and pull so hard that she would choke herself. This got so bad that we simply could not take her on walks. Nothing worked. We even tried hiring trainers. We have also ordered different collars that did not work so my hopes for this collar were not high. To my surprise it worked like magic. She did not like the first shock and looked right at me. Then she realized that there were warnings. She only pulls just slightly but not all the time. As soon as it beeps she stops pulling. I can now take her on walks which is a pure joy! This collar is a miracle and has given me back the joy of taking my dogs on walks again.

Stephen Hesselbrock
Night and Day!

I bought this for my daughter’s family and Martha, their Golden Retriever. Martha was incorrigible on leash walks to the point that no one would walk her. I put the collar and leash on her and immediately was walking a compliant and happy dog!
It works perfectly!

Too large

I think it might work okay if it weren't so big. We have adjusted to the smallest setting and it is still too big.


I have a very spoiled and playful 14-month-old Labrador puppy. It was a major issue walking her. She would pull in every direction and would chase everything on sight. However, for her safety, I decided to send her to training school for three weeks. She is now a changed dog, well behaved and well mannered, and she listens and responds to every single command, but the pulling issue was still a problem. I saw the ad for the BravoWalk Training Leash and decided to give it a try. It has now been over a month since I purchased this Training Leash, and let me tell you something, it is the BEST investment (in my dog) ever. From the moment I placed this training leash on her, I saw a completely different dog. She now walks with me, no more pulling. We now have the best daily walks together. Happy dog, happy dog parent. Thank you BravoWalk!

Riley’s grandma

Amazing! She knows not to pull so much after the first try. She hesitated to wear the bravo collar second time, however she knows she can go for a walk if she wears it, so now she doesn’t mind at all.
I am very happy with the purchase!